Why You Should Get Dogs Health Insurance ?


Dogs have become increasingly popular pets in the United States. In fact, research done by the American Pet Products Association shows that there are currently 73 million dogs living in homes in America and that number has been increasing steadily over the past decade, especially within the last five years. This means there are more dogs than ever before who are expected to give birth at some point in their lives, which can lead to unexpected vet bills depending on how the birth goes and if the mother dog needs any extra care or medication during the process of giving birth or after her puppies have been born.

What is a dog health insurance?

Dog health insurance is relatively new but it’s growing in popularity. Most people have always thought that dog insurance is unnecessary because they are just animals and don’t have healthcare needs like humans do. But, dogs can experience a lot of health issues including cancer, diabetes, arthritis and heart problems just like humans do. There are many people who choose not to get their dogs spayed or neutered for a variety of reasons which means that there could be an increased risk of illness down the road for their pets due to overpopulation. Because of these factors, dog health insurance has become more popular as preventive care rather than emergency care.
Most pet owners spend thousands on vet bills each year so it makes sense to protect your furry friend from unexpected costs by getting them covered with dog health insurance. Just like you would with human healthcare plans, you can choose between different levels of coverage depending on your budget and what kind of coverage you need for your pet. Many plans cover preventative services such as vaccinations and wellness exams while others will only cover accidents or illnesses. It’s important to look at all aspects of your plan before purchasing one so that you know exactly what you are paying for when it comes time to file a claim.

How much does a dog health insurance cost?

On average, pet insurance costs between $25 and $50 per month, which covers most breeds of dogs. The total cost depends on what kind of coverage you select, including services like injury or illness plans and hereditary conditions. So how much does dog health insurance cost? Check out Bark and get a quote today! And don’t forget about your dogs during pregnancy it’s vital that you have pregnancy insurance for dogs as well! Make sure your pup is covered with dog healthcare before she has puppies.


What do dog health insurances cover?

A wide variety of things. Dog health insurance typically covers accidents that might happen, such as bites or being hit by a car, but it also pays for checkups and procedures related to more serious problems like tumors and heart disease. Some plans cover pregnancy costs; others don’t. Be sure you understand what you’re getting so you can make an informed decision about how much coverage to get. Typical policies cost $20-$30 per month, depending on your dog’s age and your area. And while you might not be happy if your pet has a medical emergency, at least with dog health insurance you won’t have to pay out-of-pocket.
In addition, some companies offer discounts if you insure multiple pets from one litter or share photos on social media (to show off their cuteness). And there are always coupons available online for pet owners who want to save even more money. If these perks interest you, ask your vet which companies they recommend.

My dog had puppies. What should I do?

Having a dog means you’re responsible for taking care of her health and well-being. As part of that responsibility, you should think about getting your dog healthcare coverage for pregnancy. After all, she needs food and medicine just like any other family member does, and if you have a big enough household budget, it makes sense to get her insured in case she develops any expensive ailments as a result of pregnancy or birth. If your pet is spayed or neutered (check with your vet!), make sure they know before they fill out any paperwork unneutered dogs can be at risk for certain illnesses that require medical attention but aren’t necessarily covered by health insurance. It may seem silly, but I don’t regret buying my dog healthcare coverage for pregnancy one bit. My fur baby delivered six adorable puppies last month and I was able to pay for her checkups without having to worry about how much money we were spending on our furry little family members. Now, when we bring home new pups from puppy school or from a breeder we don’t have to worry either! Thanks DoggyHealthInsurance!com

Your questions answered

When is my dog considered pregnant? Signs of pregnancy are slightly different in dogs than they are in humans. Dog pregnancy usually lasts an average of 63 days, but there’s a range of 56–70 days. Puppies can be born as early as 53 days after conception or as late as 68 days, but most puppies arrive between 62 and 64 days from conception. The day your dog is considered pregnant (the day she conceives) does not fall on her due date; that happens two weeks later.


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