The 5 Best Natural Dog Foods of 2022


How much do you know about dog food? Sure, you probably know that there are some brands out there that contain ingredients and preservatives you don’t approve of, but how much do you really know about the nutritional value of your dog’s food? What are all the different types of dog food available? If your answer to these questions is nothing, or very little, it’s time to start learning about natural dog food so that you can give your dog the best possible diet he can get. Here are five of the best natural dog food brands out there today.

1) Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild is a great natural brand for dogs. It’s grain-free and provides a mix of protein and carbohydrates, so it’s appropriate for all stages of life. It also provides Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to reduce inflammation, which can be beneficial for older dogs that are suffering from arthritis. The ingredients are simple but include things like chicken, peas, potatoes, and ocean fish meal that have been cooked to keep them as healthy as possible. If you want an affordable natural dog food brand with ingredients you can feel good about feeding your pet, Taste of the Wild is a great option.

2) Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo is a natural dog food brand that produces mostly grain-free products. The company is known for making some of the highest quality and most nutritional dog foods on the market, including Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain-Free Natural Adult Formula. It’s one of our top picks for natural brands, but that’s because it meets our stringent criteria—it’s not just natural because it contains some ingredients from nature. To maintain their high standards and production methods, Blue Buffalo doesn’t participate in any third-party testing programs. While we wouldn’t recommend them for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities (due to its limited ingredient list), they’re a good option if you want to feed your pet clean food free of unnecessary chemicals and additives.


3) Wellness Core


Wellness Core is a brand that prides itself on natural dog food, and for good reason. If you have a dog with arthritis or joint problems, Wellness Core makes it easier than ever to find a natural alternative that your pup will love. Natural brands are often tricky because they don’t always taste as great as mass-produced ones (and obviously, dog foods aren’t mass produced), but Wellness Core has been able to keep their product tasting delicious while using all-natural ingredients like peas and sweet potatoes. One of my dogs suffers from joint pain due to his hip dysplasia and I always prefer to use organic remedies when possible. With no fillers and meat at its core, Wellness Core is one of our favorite natural brands.

4) Nature’s Variety Instinct

This grain-free dog food has limited ingredients, meaning no potentially allergenic fillers, and is rich in nutrients. The first ingredient is lamb, followed by sweet potatoes. It’s low-glycemic and not made with any artificial preservatives or colors. The company also offers a sensitivity protocol variety that provides dogs with extra support for digestion. Just note that you should avoid feeding your dog foods that contain pork as it can be linked to seizures in dogs with epilepsy. Instead, go for a fish or lamb flavor or try to switch him to one of these five best natural dog food brands on our list. (It also helps if your pup is taking an arthritis supplements for dogs.)

5) Purina Pro Plan

It’s known as one of if not the best dog food natural brands. Purina Pro Plan has made a name for itself with high-quality, full-flavored nutrition that your pet will love. Made with five protein sources and healthy fruits and vegetables, Pro Plan is ideal for dogs with skin or coat problems, arthritis supplements for dogs and pets that need help gaining weight (or staying healthy on their current diet). With Pro Plan, you can feed your dog a premium brand without breaking the bank.


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