Is Canidae Dog Food Healthy For Dogs?


If you’re considering switching your dog to Canidae dog food, it’s important to know that not all canidae foods are created equal. One of the most popular canidae brands on the market today, Canidae relies heavily on grains and less protein than other pet foods, which means it may not be right for your pooch depending on his size and activity level. Before switching to Canidae dog food, consider your dog’s individual needs to find the best possible food and avoid any potential problems in the future, including weight gain and digestive issues.

What to look for in a high-quality dry food

A dog food with high-quality proteins, such as those found in poultry and fish, is going to be a good choice. This type of protein is not only beneficial in keeping your dog strong and healthy, but it’s also easily digestible. If your pooch has any digestion issues, then you may want to try switching up his diet with an easy-to-digest ingredient such as a high-quality protein. This will help minimize any digestive issues that could potentially arise from changing his diet altogether.

How can you tell if your dog’s diet isn’t working

While most pet owners would say that they can’t tell what their dog is eating, in some cases it’s pretty clear. For example, if your dog has a dull coat or his teeth are heavily coated with tartar and you feed him a high-quality protein diet, then you might want to consider looking into other options. You may also be able to look at your dog’s poop to see if there are any signs of undigested food. If so, consider feeding your pooch an all-natural diet instead. Pet parents will often notice an improvement in their pup’s coat after switching diets; however, keep in mind that improved health may not happen overnight.


Special considerations when feeding senior dogs

Older dogs don’t usually need a special diet, but there are some considerations to keep in mind. For example, some senior dogs have problems with their kidneys or other organs. If your dog is having trouble eliminating, consider cutting down on phosphorus-rich foods like meat, fish and eggs. These foods can be too difficult for older systems to digest properly. Also take into account your dog’s activity level; if he’s slowing down because of age, try cutting back slightly on his regular portion sizes to help him maintain a healthy weight.

Dangers of cheap dog foods


Cheap pet food companies advertise heavily and buy up as much shelf space as they can, so it can be difficult to spot a dog food that isn’t meeting your dog’s needs. Instead of going by marketing claims or price alone, make sure you do your research. Here are three factors to consider when choosing healthy cheap dog food: 1) protein content; 2) ingredients; 3) meat source.

Low-quality ingredients in commercial pet foods

Unfortunately, in today’s market, it’s becoming more and more common to see dog food brands made with low-quality ingredients—ingredients that are less than ideal for your pup. Most of these ingredients are fillers and preservatives that aren’t as healthy as other options (such as fruits and vegetables). Some contain known cancer-causing chemicals and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which pose a risk to your dog’s health. Because commercial pet foods use these types of low-quality ingredients, many vets recommend switching to a high-quality brand like Canidae. Canidae dog food is made with natural meat protein sources (not soy or corn) and contains no artificial flavors or byproducts.

2 Tips to Feed Your Dog Better

You wouldn’t eat just anything, would you? You’d think about what kind of food is best for your health. The same goes for your dog. Choosing what to feed him can be confusing, so it’s important to do your research and figure out how to feed him a diet that will keep him healthy and happy. Here are some quick tips that you can follow:

1) Exercise:

Is walking around in circles really enough exercise for Fido? Definitely not! He needs more vigorous activity each day, especially if he weighs over 50 pounds. To keep him healthy, play with him often and make sure he gets plenty of exercise every day.

2) Playtime:

Playing with your dog isn’t just fun—it also helps strengthen his muscles and improves his mental well-being. Don’t underestimate playtime as an opportunity to bond with your pet; it also allows you to take note of any behavioral issues or quirks that may need attention from a professional trainer or veterinarian.


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