Introducing Yumove – The Ideal Supplement for Senior Dogs


Senior dogs are special and deserve to be treated that way! One way to make sure you’re caring for your elderly canine companion in the best possible way is by giving him an effective supplement every day, and Yumove makes it easy to do just that! This daily vitamin can help him maintain his energy levels, stay alert and pay attention, relieve joint pain and discomfort, boost his immune system, strengthen his heart and help him maintain his weight

What Is Yumove?

Yumove was created with your dog’s overall health in mind. Many seniors have trouble keeping up with their energy levels, and that can create a whole host of problems, including depression and loneliness. With yumove supplements you can help your dog overcome these obstacles and live an active, healthy life. Yumove doesn’t just promote good health; it reduces anxiety while increasing energy. It also helps strengthen bone structure and keeps dogs mentally sharp over time.

Why Are Supplements So Important?

Healthy dogs live long, happy lives. As a pet owner, you play an important role in that by taking good care of your dog’s physical health. Healthy diets are essential for growing puppies, but once they hit maturity it’s up to you to keep them physically fit and healthy. Exercising and regular walks can go a long way toward keeping your pet active and healthy, but you also need to monitor their food intake as they age. Caloric requirements change as pets get older because they have less energy to use while eating requires more energy than when they were younger. We have seen firsthand how these changes impact senior dogs; some begin experiencing joint stiffness and pain so severely that exercise becomes too painful to enjoy.


Does My Dog Need Supplements?

Many dog owners are surprised to learn that their pet may not be getting all of its daily nutritional needs from kibble alone. Healthy dogs should have an intake of between 400 and 600 calories per day, depending on their weight. Of those calories, a decent portion should come from protein and even higher-calorie foods like bacon or chicken skins can’t make up for a complete lack of high-quality protein in your pet’s diet. A great way to ensure your senior dog is getting enough protein without upping his calorie intake too much is by supplementing with Yumove . Instead of adding costly protein and fat grams to kibble, all you need to do is sprinkle a little on top and feed as usual.

How to Use Supplements

In healthy dogs, it’s important to feed them regular meals over several small portions instead of one or two large ones. This ensures that they get a balanced amount of food as well as plenty of exercise time to digest their food properly. However, in senior dogs, it can be harder to determine whether your dog is receiving sufficient nutrition through regular meals alone. In fact, many senior dogs lose their appetites over time and don’t consume adequate amounts of nutrients due to certain factors such as age-related loss of teeth or health issues like arthritis.


As senior dogs age, they can often become less physically active and may gain a few pounds along with a drop in metabolism. These changes can lead to health problems such as weight gain, joint pain, and poor circulation. Fortunately, there’s now an easy way to help keep your dog fit and healthy as he ages: Yumove for dogs.


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