How Dog Insurance with Preventive Care Can Keep Your Pup Healthy


How can you keep your dog healthy and prevent costly medical bills? It’s simple. Ask your vet about pet insurance with preventive care. Dog insurance with preventive care can help keep your dog healthy by covering his annual check-ups, vaccinations, spaying/neutering and more! By regularly going to the vet for check-ups, your dog will be at lower risk of developing expensive conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer which can run up to $2,700 per year in vet bills alone.

Why Do We Need It?

Every year, many dog owners spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to treat illnesses their dog could have prevented in advance. Most dog owners want to do everything they can to keep their pets healthy and happy. But many don’t know what preventive care is available to them. It’s important for every pet owner to understand how preventive care works so they can be prepared when their beloved pooch needs medical attention. The best place to start is learning more about your dog insurance with preventive care benefits here’s why it’s a good idea and how you can use it in your favor
There are three common types of insurance that cover health issues: general wellness plans that offer discounts on preventative healthcare; accident insurance; and disease insurance. If you add an accident plan to any other kind of dog insurance, your premium might go up a bit but if something happens and your pup gets sick or injured you’ll save money on all vet bills thanks to lower deductibles.

A Better Solution for Everyone

Dogs health insurance can be one of your most valuable allies in maintaining and improving your dog’s health. Taking preventative measures on behalf of your pet is always more efficient than dealing with health problems once they arise, which is why preventive care should be part of every pet owner’s agenda. As a matter of fact, certain medical conditions can prove so expensive that it would have been wiser to pay for preventative treatments when you had the chance. For example, hypothyroidism (an autoimmune disease) can cost up to $400 a year in treatment costs if left untreated – and that doesn’t include medication or doctor visits! It’s easy to see how a little investment now could save you hundreds down the road.


Types of Plans Available

As you search for dog insurance, it’s important to understand there are different types of plans available. There are two major kinds: accidents only and comprehensive. Accidents-only policies cover your pet in case of injuries from things like bites, cuts or stumbles; you won’t have coverage for any pre-existing conditions that may affect your pet’s health, however. A comprehensive plan covers everything including illnesses and diseases—but has a higher price tag. If your pet is young, healthy and has no chronic health issues that might require expensive treatments down the line, an accidents only policy will suffice. On the other hand, if you’re planning on getting older dogs that could be prone to certain conditions or need regular checkups and vaccines, a comprehensive plan is likely best. When shopping around for dog insurance, make sure to compare these options carefully so you can find one that fits into your budget while still providing what you need for your pet.

Steps to Finding the Right Plan

The cost of dog insurance can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including breed, age and location. With preventative care being such an important part of dog health, finding a plan that covers preventive care at a competitive price is important to ensure your pup stays healthy. The first step in searching for a good plan is to find out which options are available in your area. Several companies now provide pet insurance online, so get started by entering your zip code into Google. Then look through each company’s websites; they should all have tools available to help you compare features like deductibles and reimbursement rates. Pay special attention to how many months you’ll have coverage and how much it will cost annually based on breed. If you want to make sure your dog has plenty of time to acclimate before his first big trip, consider getting him a policy when he’s young. If you’re not sure what kind of dog would be best for your family or lifestyle, talk with friends who own dogs or visit local shelters to see if any pups there seem like a good fit. Remember: Don’t feel pressured into getting dog insurance right away dogs aren’t puppies forever! But once you’ve found a great match, there’s no better way to protect him than with quality dog insurance from Petplan.

Checklist Before Purchasing a Plan

Dogs are members of our family. They deserve access to preventative care and deserve to have insurance that covers their care. Many pet owners decide that dog insurance isn’t right for them, but when deciding whether or not it’s a good idea for your pet, ask yourself: Do you want peace of mind knowing your pet is protected in case of unforeseen medical expenses? Are you committed to providing preventative care every year? If so, there are dog insurance companies on every coast, including Eversure and VPI. To find out more about how dog insurance can benefit your pup, read on! – Who is eligible for dog insurance? Dog owners who provide preventive care every year, like vaccinations and spay/neuter services.What kinds of illnesses and injuries does dog insurance cover? Dog health insurance plans typically cover illness, injury, congenital conditions (born with), wellness exams (not including vaccines), prescriptions (with limitations) and emergency visits. Emergency visits typically include ambulance fees up to $1,000 per trip as well as boarding fees if a pet has to stay overnight at an animal hospital after receiving treatment from a vet on call service provider. Some plans also cover diagnostic tests such as X-rays or ultrasounds performed by your veterinarian’s office during an emergency visit. How much does dog health insurance cost?


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