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You’ve become used to taking daily multivitamins, supplementing with vitamin C when you’re feeling under the weather, and may have even sought adaptogenic herbs at some time – why wouldn’t you do the same for your pet? After all, all pet owners want their pets to be as healthy as possible and to have a long, fulfilling, exciting life beside them.

However, according to Lindsey Bullen, DVM, ACVN, a board-certified veterinary nutritionist at BluePearl Pet Hospitals, most dog owners need to worry about extra supplements only when a specific health concern manifests itself. Always consult your pet’s veterinarian for correct dosage requirements for any product. Supplements intended for humans should not be given to dogs since they may include hazardous substances in them.

There is another reason why it is prudent, to begin with discussing long-term use: The Food and Drug Administration does not regulate supplements for dogs (or humans). Additionally, few studies have been conducted to determine the long-term safety of vitamins and other supplements used in dogs. As a result, Klein emphasizes the importance of using only supplements approved by your veterinarian and bearing the National Animal Supplement Council’s quality stamp.


Additional features to look for in a dog supplement include the following:

  • Specialty brands or those who have commissioned clinical tests on their goods.
  • Many numbers indicate that the manufacturer places a premium on quality control.
  • Products include contact information, so you may call and inquire about the product’s formulation and the manufacturer’s history.
  • Determine the components you’re searching for and verify the labels to ensure they’re genuinely present.

Supplementing your dog’s diet may help enhance their health and quality of life. However, it is always prudent to consult your veterinarian first. They’ll assist you in determining what is safe for your fur baby and what your pet genuinely needs, as well as how much and for how long they should take.

Mega Prebiotic fiber

Probiotics are live, beneficial bacteria and yeast that help digest and maintain gut health. Klein notes that probiotic pills may benefit dogs with frequent gastrointestinal difficulties by lowering their risk of diarrhea, constipation, and gas.

Supplement for Allergies and Immune System

Supplements that strengthen the immune system are also popular among pet owners. Numerous immunology supplements include additional beneficial elements for dogs, such as antioxidants and probiotics. Supplements containing probiotics not only aid in digestion but may also assist in maintaining the immune system.

Supplement with Selected Antioxidants

Antioxidants are present in substances such as vitamin C and E and work to protect cells from harm caused by free radicals, which are unstable components of cells that may cause various diseases and accelerate aging. According to Klein, antioxidant supplements assist dogs in various ways, including reducing the indications of aging, such as memory loss and cognitive impairment. Additionally, they may aid in reducing inflammation and the treatment of cardiac disease.

Soft Gel Capsules Ultra Mega Fish Oil

Fish oil supplements include omega-3 fatty acids, which Klein believes may help enhance the condition and luster of your dog’s hair. If your dog is constantly itching, fish oil may be beneficial. Its anti-inflammatory characteristics will soothe their irritated skin and make skin allergies less bothersome.

Bullen adds that many fish oil supplements also include omega-6 fatty acids, which may help repair ceramides, the fat molecules that aid in the skin’s moisture retention and strengthen the skin’s cell membranes. She recommends searching for fish oil pills that include the EPA and DHA fatty acids present in fish.

Ocu-GLO, 90 Count

As with humans, many dogs have visual difficulties as they age. According to a 2016 research published in the Journal of Nutritional Science, some antioxidant supplements may improve dogs’ eyesight and maintenance. These antioxidant-rich supplements often include omega-3 fatty acids and lutein, which have been shown to protect the eye from UV damage and reduce the development of cataracts.

Turmeric Supplement for Dogs

Turmeric is a spice that is sometimes used to color dog food and treats. Additionally, it may have anti-inflammatory properties for dogs, which may help alleviate joint discomfort and itchy skin. However, one tiny piece of research found that turmeric’s components had little to no impact on inflammation or rheumatoid arthritis.

5-in-1 Vitamin Bites

Dogs, like humans, need a variety of vitamins to keep healthy. According to the AKC, vitamins A, C, D, E, K, and B are necessary for your pet’s diet. Certain multivitamins for dogs include these nutrients, which may help maintain your pet’s hair bright and silky as they age, as well as keep them active.

MSM with Omega-3 Soft Chews

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring substance in cartilage that acts as a cushion between the joints. Klein notes that glucosamine pills are often used to alleviate the consequences of arthritis, including pain relief and assisting dogs in remaining mobile as they age. If your pet seems to be moving more slowly, bounces when they run, or is hesitant to leap, speak with your veterinarian about these supplements.


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