10 Human Foods Dogs Can Safely Eat


A lot of people don’t realize that certain human foods are actually fine to feed your dog. In fact, feeding them some of these items can help to make their lives healthier and better overall! Here are 10 human foods that dogs can safely eat.


Eggs are a fantastic source of protein for dogs! If you have some hard boiled eggs laying around, freeze them and feed your dog some. They’re a healthy alternative to regular dog food, too. Just make sure you don’t feed your dog uncooked or runny eggs as they can contain salmonella which can make your pup pretty sick.

2- Yogurt

Yogurt is loaded with protein and live active cultures. Dogs can have plain yogurt in moderation as a treat or in their dog food to help aid digestion and keep their system regular. This can also help cut down on any digestive issues or upset stomachs. Never give dogs plain dairy products, raw dairy products or flavored yogurt that’s not specifically for dogs. Yogurt is generally considered safe to give dogs; however, check with your vet before making it a regular part of your dog’s diet.


3-Cooked Meat

If you’re looking for a human food that your dog can eat, look no further than cooked meat. The trick here is to make sure it’s cooked—raw chicken or other meats can make dogs sick. Make sure to remove any bones from your dog’s portion as well. If he seems hesitant about eating meat, try adding some brown rice or sweet potatoes for bulk and flavor. (Always consult with your vet first before giving any new foods to your dog.)

4- Bread

The next time you go to make a PB&J, make your dog a PB&J too. Just cut up some of your kid’s sandwich and add water. This is probably one of the healthiest human foods for dogs, as it provides them with carbs, protein and lots of vitamins. Feeding bread to dogs is also fine as long as they don’t have allergies or intolerances to wheat or gluten. A great option would be homemade dog biscuits made from ingredients like flour and oats!

5- cheese


A high-fat food, dogs don’t metabolize cheese as quickly as humans do. Additionally, certain cheeses like processed cheddar and Swiss have added ingredients like salt or sweeteners that can be toxic to dogs. Give cheese in moderation as a treat, but if your dog has a history of gastrointestinal issues or you notice him passing gas more than usual after eating cheese, it might be best to skip it. Luckily for most dogs, there are plenty of other human foods that are safe—and delicious!–for them to munch on. Here are our top 10 favorites: 10 Human Foods Dogs Can Safely Eat

6- Carrots

Dogs love carrots, so it’s no surprise that carrots are one of those human foods dogs can safely eat. Just watch out for their size; these vegetables have a high moisture content, so make sure they’re cut into bite-sized pieces. Otherwise, there shouldn’t be any problems. Enjoy! And if you’re wondering what other human foods dogs can safely eat, see our post: Top 10 Human Foods Dogs Can Safely Eat.

7- Potatoes

Raw potatoes are healthy, yummy and good for your dog! Cooked or baked potatoes can be safe too – just check that they haven’t been cooked in butter or margarine. Yams are not as safe because they contain sugar. Potatoes also make great training treats for dogs. Try freezing them for a refreshing summer treat!


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